The Bedroom, 2018; Video projection onto miniature relief sculpture; 22" x 12" x 1"


Video stills from The Street and The Town, relief installations coming soon

Down the Blue Mountain is a sequence of dream-like scenes with a bed, then the bedroom, the house, the street, and at last, the town. All the scenes are intentionally blurred to leave room for imagination, so viewers can associate their own memories or dreams with the scenes and create their own narratives. The series is shot in San Francisco, where the softness and ever-changing quality of the light and fog engender a contemplative mood. Instead of people, light and space become main characters that tell the story. The title “Down the Blue Mountain” is a phrase from an ancient Chinese poet Li Bai in which he expressed his sentiments for home and romanticized the distant landscape during a long journey.  

The videos are projected onto their corresponding miniature wood relief sculptures. As the light changes or fog passes in the video, the relief sculpture and video switch roles of foreground and background.