Fragments of Places| Dairy Arts Center (CO) | August 24 – October 7, 2018

Exhibition statement:

Fragments of Places, a solo exhibition by Chicago-based artist Yuge Zhou, features videos and multimedia installations exploring urban environments as they are inhabited and experienced—from cacophonous and congested to solitary and wistful.

Zhou moved to the United States from her hometown of Beijing in her early twenties to study engineering in upstate New York. She subsequently moved to Chicago where she earned a masters of fine arts at The School of the Art Institute. During this sojourn, she developed a sensitivity to the vicissitudes of her environment, gaining an appreciation for the collective rhythms of urban spaces and interpreting them through her collaged scenes.

Inspired by the places where she had lived and toured throughout this decade-long itinerant journey, she invites the viewer to experience a sense of place, its possibilities for exploration and reflection.

Midtown Flutter, (south wall), is composed of footage shot in midtown Manhattan of architectural patterns sporadically interrupted by passersby. To afar the water flows, (east wall), reconstructs Chicago into a high-rise garden utopia, emphasizing a genuine harmony between man-made structures and its natural surroundings. Both works are projection-mapped onto relief panels mounted onto the wall. Viewers experience a gradual shift in the appearance and depth of the installations from a flat image to a three-dimensional view with protruding geometric shapes. 

The Magic Hour (in the middle of the gallery) is a set of two videos based on Carl Jung’s concept of synchronicity in which there is meaning in events that happen at the same time.

The Humors series, (north and east wall) was inspired by the ancient Greek philosophy of four temperaments (or ‘humors’). The videos suggest that places have their own humors, and people that inhabit these places live through them and shape them in a collective, symbiotic way. 

Down The Blue Mountain, (west wall) is an on-going series with videos projected onto miniature wood reliefs. The sequence of footage was shot in San Francisco, where the softness and ever-changing quality of the light and fog engender a contemplative mood.

The exhibition uses techniques of projection mapping, relief sculptures and multiscreen synchronization, and is the most complete survey of the artist’ s work to date.