2017; HD video; 3 minutes

Soft Plots portrays a conception of urban living that is both group-oriented and discontinuous, with underlying conflicts and competitions. In many ways, we live in big cities like we live in small towns—except that our communities are scattered across a dense network of other communities and other storied lives of which we only catch a glimpse. Soft Plots is a mental map of meaningful locations and (richly-inhabited) voids in between.

Soft Plots is part of The Humors, a four-part video collage series exploring urban dispositions.  

Note on The Humors:

Ancient Greek philosophers wrote of four temperaments (or ‘humors’) that color all of creation: sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic. Urbanity is part of this creation, and also embodies versions of these dispositions. The Humors suggests urban behaviors and relationships, those of people and of the built environment itself.

           Exhibition History of Soft Plots: 

  • Fragments (April 24, 2017), Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  • Shifting Landscapes (Feb. 24—May 20, 2017), Form & Concept Gallery, Santa Fe, NM; Juror Award Winner

  • The Subject is Chicago (Feb. 11—April 9, 2017), Chicago Cultural Center, IL