Video documentation of installation Underground Circuit at Paul Watkins Art Gallery

Underground Circuit (installation, 2017)—Video projection onto floor and central cube with relief, 10 ft x 10 ft x 1.5 ft

Sound design by Stephen Farrell; Documentation by Andrew Thoreson; 

Underground Circuit is a collage of hundreds of video clips shot in the subway stations in New York. Station to station, the movement of the commuters in the outer rings suggests the repetitive cycle of life and urban theatricality and texture. The inner-most ring includes people sitting on benches waiting; the central drummers act as the controller of the movement, inspired by the concept of the Four-faced Buddha in Chinese folk religion, the god who can fulfill and grant all wishes of its devotees.

For the installation, the video is projected onto the gallery floor and mapped onto a cube with relief in the middle of the projection area. The installation invites audiences to sit on the central cube as Voyeur-gods, to observe the anonymous characters in the projected urban labyrinth.

           Exhibition History of Underground Circuit (installation): 

  • "In the Shape of a City" Solo Exhibition (10.18,2017 — 11.08,2017), Paul Watkins Art Gallery, MN

  • Currents New Media Festival (06.08,2018 — 06.24,2018), El Museo Cultural De Santa Fe, NM

  • "Universe of Relations" Group Exhibition (06.08,2018 — 09.23,2018), Zarya Center for Contemporary Art, Vladivostok, Russia

Underground Circuit (video), original resolution 5280 x 5280 pixels

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