To afar the water flows

MFA thesis work, 2015, video projection onto relief sculpture

Exhibited at the SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 at Kobe International Exhibition Hall in Kobe, Japan

Exhibited at the 22nd International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA 2016) in Hong Kong 

Selected to be part of the International Exhibition on Conceptual Art at Czong Institute for Contemporary Art (CICA) museum in South Korea

Selected to be part of the “Unfolded” Exhibition at Chicago Design Museum

I am deeply intrigued by the interplay of the built and natural environments—light, clouds, traffic and footsteps, moving objects and spaces…. In traditional Chinese landscape painting, the water is a common symbol of flow and harmony; for me, the rhythm of sounds on pavement is equally as nostalgic. Through its endless repetitions, the city inherits the cycles and transcendence of nature.

My installation is inspired by the concept of architectural relief (a technique where the sculpted elements remain attached but raised above the background plane). My audiences experience a gradual shift in the appearance and depth of my installation from a flat image to a three-dimensional relief. I use techniques like relief and projection mapping to enhance the framed glimpses of sceneries as well as emphasize the physicality of digital video.

Sound design by Yairon Martinez.


                                                                   4K video and installation photos: